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Tooth fractures are often the unfortunate result of a blow to the face during sports. However, household accidents, slips and falls, and a bad habit of improvising your teeth as tools could also cause a significant dental fracture.

Even if you don’t experience any immediate distress or discomfort in the tooth you might still need to apply some basic first-aid as you seek dental care from Dr. Summer Enlow.

Any unwanted debris or blood in your mouth can be rinsed away with a little lukewarm saltwater. If you are experiencing pain in the fractured tooth you might find relief by rubbing a little topical oral analgesic on the underlying gums. This might help you remain comfortable while you await your appointment with Dr. Summer Enlow.

In some cases, Dr. Summer Enlow can repair a chip or small fracture with an amalgam or composite resin filling. However, a more significant dental fracture might require completely replacing the tooth enamel layer with a special dental crown.

If the internal structures of the tooth have been traumatized Dr. Summer Enlow might need to perform a root canal. This will replace any compromised material while forming an abutment that will eventually anchor a dental crown.

If you are in the Nacogdoches, Texas, area and you’ve suffered a dental fracture or another form of oral trauma, you should call 936-564-9730 to seek treatment at Summer Enlow, DDS PC.