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Although oral accidents and emergencies can be common, they can also be very serious and cause severe problems for your oral health and overall health as well. Preparation for any accidents that may occur could be the difference in saving your beautiful smile should a problem ever arise.

A common oral accident is biting your lips and gums. Although these are often minor, they can be quite serious and potentially lead to infection if not taken care of. If you are bleeding, wash out your mouth with water and apply a gauze pad to the wound. If the wound continues to bleed profusely after a few minutes, the wound may be too big and could require stitches to close.

Although teeth can be damaged and cracked beyond repair, it is actually possible for dentists to sometimes reattach teeth that have been knocked out. However, keeping the tooth, or bits of a tooth that was shattered, moisturized, is essential for future re-attachment success. Place the tooth in a tooth-saving product like Save-A-Tooth or milk until a trip to visit your dentist can be made.

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