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Your smile’s appearance plays a significant role in many of your facial expressions. When your smile is affected by physical defects, and cosmetic imperfections, it can leave you feeling socially awkward. In a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Summer Enlow.

Sometimes she will recommend restoring the appearance of your teeth with a series of dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns. The veneers will effectively replace the face of each tooth in your smile with a special dental porcelain.

They will look just like natural tooth enamel. Yet they will not be as receptive to future dental stains. This will give you a gleaming white smile that will be very easy to maintain in the future.

The process of fitting you for dental veneers starts with a thorough examination of your teeth to detect any cavities or other physical imperfections.  If Dr. Summer Enlow finds a compromised tooth, she might recommend treating it with a porcelain dental crown.  

After the examination, Dr. Summer Enlow will prepare an impression of each tooth intended for a dental veneer while also preparing any teeth that need a dental crown. This will be sent to our professional dental lab where highly skilled dental technicians will create your dental veneers.

If you live in the Nacogdoches, Texas, area and you are interested in enhancing your smile’s appearance, you should call 936-564-9730 to schedule a consultation at Summer Enlow, DDS PC.