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If you should ever suffer any damage to the underlying joints in your jawbone, known as your temporomandibular joints, various oral health issues can arise. For example, if your jawbone is damaged, a TMJ disorder may be present. Fortunately, several treatments exist to help combat TMJ disorders and provide you the quality oral health you desire.

TMJ disorders can arise if you’re placing additional stress and pressure on your TMJs. Furthermore, several underlying conditions can also increase your risk for damage to your TMJs, including bruxism, nail-biting, arthritis, and any type of accident or dislocations that may have occurred to your teeth or jawbone. If for any reason you are suffering from any of these conditions, visit your dentist to have treatments applied and to look for any symptoms of damaged TMJs.

Several treatments can help alleviate pressure associated with a TMJ disorder. Through the use of a night guard or bite plate, your dentist can help to alleviate pressure in your mouth. Furthermore, several exercises can be used to help strengthen your jaw. By eating soft foods and practicing meditative therapies, your dentist can make sure that you can receive the relaxation your smile deserves.

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