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Are you aware that there is a disorder that can affect your teeth when you are fast asleep? It is known as bruxism and most individuals who suffer from the disorder go years before ever knowing they even suffer from it. Bruxism is the result of grinding teeth unconsciously, often while sleeping. The first step to treating bruxism is recognizing its signs and symptoms.

For a better understanding of the basics of bruxism, listed below are principles concerning bruxism:

– Talk to you any sleep partners or roommates you have to confirm you grind and gnash your teeth while you sleep.

– Are there any signs of tooth sensitivity, particularly when eating or drinking?

– Look for enamel wear or a version of your teeth that comes off as flat and dull-looking.

– Search for indentations and irregular markings on your tongue.

– Take note of any sore and painful jaw muscles that may be swollen or inflamed.

– Looks for signs of a weak or damaged jaw that cannot fully open and close.

– Be on the lookout for any signs of an earache or a feeling like an earache.

– Search for damage on your inner cheeks similar to bite marks or excessive chewing.

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