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Rumors can cast root canals as really uncomfortable. That was true in the past, but advances in things like anesthesia can actually prevent discomfort that the treatment may cause. Granted not needing a root canal is a good thing, but the procedure is meant to help you in cases where your teeth are constantly causing you discomfort.

If your teeth are causing discomfort, it could be that the pulp and nerves inside the tooth have become infected. This can happen because of a cavity or a crack in the tooth, both of which can open the pulp and nerves to infection. You may benefit from getting this treated quickly, as an untreated infection can cause an abscess to form, and abscesses can weaken your jawbone if they remain for too long.

A root canal can help you by removing the pulp and nerves that have been infected. There is no way to save them, but the infection gets removed with them. This can preserve the rest of your tooth and put an end to the discomfort. On top of that, you can prevent an abscess from forming, which can save you from further issues.

If you have discomfort emanating from your teeth, we can help you put an end to it here at our office in Nacogdoches, Texas. Our dentist, Dr. Summer Enlow, will take a look and figure out what can best help you. Please call us at 936-564-9730 to set up an appointment.