We are pleased to offer high-quality dental care for patients of all ages. Geriodontics involves providing dentistry for those who are also affected by aging. For patients who are 65 and older, Dr. Summer Enlow can help make sure that your oral health remains strong and that you receive any necessary care to keep your smile looking and feeling great. To learn more about geriatric dentistry in Nacogdoches, Texas, we invite you to contact our office at 936-564-9730 and schedule an appointment to visit with our caring and experienced dentist.

Geriodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on providing dental care for older adults, particularly those who are age 65 and older. Geriodontics includes the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral problems that are associated with aging, and is often a part of an interdisciplinary team of several healthcare professionals. Because aging typically brings chronic conditions and a weaker immune system, older adults are more susceptible to oral problems. Some of the most common oral problems in older patients include:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Ill-fitting dentures
  • Root caries and other caries
  • Attrition (dental wear caused by tooth-to-tooth contact)
  • Oral cancers and ulcerations
  • Mucosal lesions
  • Dry mouth

Although aging itself can be a major cause, many oral problems may arise due to negligence in earlier years or as a side effect to medications for other conditions. Regardless of how your oral issues arise, your overall comfort and quality of life can be affected when you lose your smile’s aesthetic appearance and normal speaking and chewing abilities.

By regularly visiting your dentist and by maintaining good dental hygiene at home, there is a less chance that you will lose your teeth. Just because you are aging does not mean you have to lose your teeth. Our dentist and dental team will work with you to establish good oral habits and to care for your teeth so you can continue living your life with your natural, beautiful smile. To learn more about how you can benefit from geriatric dentistry, we invite you to call or visit our office today.