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Are you aware of the risk factors associated with gum tissue infection? If you do have an infection in your gum tissues, it means that periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is present. This oral health condition typically progresses over many years and comes with numerous symptoms alerting you to its presence. In addition, there are several risk factors associated with it as well.

In order to ensure your oral health is progressing as intended, it is important to minimize any risks associated with oral ailments such as gum disease. To help prevent gum disease, it is important to be aware of the risk factors and adjust your life accordingly. If you are genetically predisposed to gum disease, you may be able 6 times more likely to develop it. Furthermore, medications you are taking can produce dry mouth as a side effect. Dry mouth can raise your risk for gum disease. In addition, hormonal changes within the body, especially with women and young girls, can greatly contribute to the presence of gum disease. Diabetes is also a known risk factor for many infectious diseases including gum disease.

In order to protect your smile from the risk of gum disease, it is important to be aware of lifestyle changes and habits that can potentially increase your risk for it. This includes smoking or chewing tobacco, as well as using drugs frequently. These substances are dangerous for your oral health and physical health as well and can lead to several ailments including gum disease.

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